1) We sell digital products, no refund will be given.

2) Chargeback may result in the permanent suspension of your device for the use of one of our future services.

3) If a product does not work due to a problem on your end and not ours, you are not eligible for a refund.

4) You are not allowed to share your cheat.

5) Before opening a dispute with the payment company, the Customer agrees to contact Vanity on Discord so that the problem can be resolved amicably.

6) With your active subscription, you are NOT allowed to authenticate your friends.

7) You agree to this “I am purchasing a virtual item with my own money, so I will not send any unauthorized transactions, disputes, complaints, or anything related. I received my virtual item, so I am not eligible to collect my money sent on purchase.

Those caught breaking any of the rules above will have their subscription terminated immediately and you will be banned from the server.

Credits to Vanity#6658